Toilet tales - north-eastern Queensland

By: Bev Killick
Toilet tales - north-eastern Queensland

Greetings from the north-eastern Queensland coast,

As a touring comedian, I find myself on the road quite often - anywhere from three-week Outback tours to the current tour I’m on with Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow. Having continence issues, I have to carefully coordinate my toilet stops. When I inform the tour manager/driver that I need to stop for the bathroom, “I REALLY mean right now. And NO, I can’t wait until the next town”.

Fortunately the lovely Tom Noble on this current tour has been more than supportive of my needs. Now, some of the WCs in the middle of nowhere can be pretty rough but cruising north on the Bruce Highway near Kuttabul, this rest area was a notch above the usual. Look it up on the National Public Toilet Map. It’s called Palm Tree Creek Rest Area.

Steph Tisdell (fellow comedian) and I were giving our tour buddies ‘loo’ reviews after every stop. Between Airlie Beach and Capella, we lunched at the perfect country pub in Nebo which offered the most interesting bathroom. The Ladies was an old-fashioned powder room boudoir, replete with built in sofas and cushions, clean hand towels and quality hand soap. The Gents, which we were offered a squiz at my the barkeep, had a run of feature tiles around the walls with a local artists work displayed.

When I got to the Capella Cultural Centre for soundcheck I was pleasantly surprised at the extra special creature comforts on offer backstage. Perfumes soaps, fresh towels even bathmats on the toilet floors. A nice touch was a timed room deodoriser. I wondered if the venues had been tipped off that the ‘Wee Woman’ was on her way and to get the good stuff out. If you have any nice rest stop stories to share, drop me a line and I will look it up on the National Public Toilet Map.

May all your rest stops be relaxing,


Bev Killick

Bev Killick is a Melbourne-based actress, comedian, writer, singer and mother-of-two. She is an Ambassador for the Continence Foundation of Australia and the face of the Laugh Without Leaking awareness campaign.

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